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Shiploading technology by SMB

As a specialist in the field of material handling, the German company SMB International GmbH covers all major areas of loading systems, conveyor- and shiploading technology. For its international clients, SMB develops complex systems directly at the Quickborn site near Hamburg. Due to the focus on in-house production, the company is able to ensure excellent quality and customized systems “Made in Germany”.

In the recent years SMB realized several projects in the Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe. “The increasing demands regarding cost minimization, high productivity and a quick handling of goods are getting more important”, explains Andreas Heckel, Managing Director of SMB International GmbH. “In many regions we also face difficult climatic and geologic conditions, but thanks to more than 20 years of experience, we continue to be absolutely reliable partners to our clients with the high standards they are used to.

This also applied for one of the company’s recent projects. For an Algerian fertiliser company, SMB has designed two ship loading systems for the handling of urea. The ship loaders were installed directly at the port facilities in Arzew, a port city in the north-west of Algeria on the Mediterranean. SMB was given the task to construct the complete connection to the quay including the take-up of the bulk cargo from the quayside belt right into the ships. With a reclaimer, the granules are brought from the silo warehouse to the conveyor technology and transported further to the SMB ship loader. The material reaches the ship from the warehouse in a protected manner. As a result, a fully-automated loading process can take place at any time during day and night.

The engineering designers also decided to implement a mobile system on the quay with a pivoting superstructure. In this way the ship can be loaded at all locations. With the loading of bulk cargo, it first reaches the tripper car via the conveyor belt system. Then the cargo falls on the portal belt, is conveyed to a funnel, which is in the centre of the intermediate transfer point. It reaches the boom conveyor and falls into the cascade chute. The chute has several open cones inside it, arranged in an angled position across one another. The material flows into ship’s hold in order to avoid damage to the materials. The outlet section of the slide is shaped around 360 degrees. The system serves as example of successful complete solutions with an automatic flow of goods.