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Reclaimer and Bucket Elevators

Reclaimer and Bucket Elevators

Uptake and transport of bulk material
SMB Reclaimer
SMB Reclaimer
SMB Silo Becherwerk

Reclaimer and bucket elevators are used when bulk material is on a stockpile and needs to be transported to its destination. The bulk material is loosened automatically with the scraper chains and is transported away on conveyor belts. While the bulk material is transported horizontally or at an incline by the reclaimer, bucket elevators convey the goods upward.



  • Flexibility

    Transport of bulk material of all grain sizes

  • Efficiency

    Reliable conveyance capacity with low energy consumption


Full or semi-gantry reclaimers are installed in large storage halls or outdoors. As so-called continuous conveyors, reclaimer and bucket elevators are constantly in motion and produce a continuous transport stream. They complement the comprehensive product range of SMB International in the area of loading equipment and transport tasks.

Technical Data

Gantry Reclaimer and Semi-Gantry Reclaimer

  • Material: Bulk materials, granules (e.g. sulfur or urea)
  • Conveying capacity of the gantries from 400 t/h to 3,500 t/h

Bucket elevators 

  • Conveying capacity from 80 t/h to 250 t/h
  • Bulk density 760-850 kg/m 3 


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